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Premium PET Anti-Fog Face Shield - 2x Thickness (10x Pack)

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The Premium Anti-Fog PET Face Shield has a lightweight polypropylene headband frame and is ergonomically designed to maximise ventilation for the user. The design allows the arc of the double layer PET film to provide maximum protection without reducing user mobility.

VPG PET Shields are designed to allow medical practitioners to treat patients with an added precautionary to protect eyes, nose, mouth and face. 

- Double Sided Anti-Fog, Anti-Glare coating.
- Double Sided Laminated Film 

VPG Premium Polypropylene Framing

• Designed to Increase Ventilation Between User and Transparent Film. 
• Prefect Arc Framing of the PET film Designed for Maximum Protection without Reducing User Mobility. 
• Bottom Polypropylene Frame provides Additional Arc Corrective Framing.
• Bottom Polypropylene Frame Shaped with Soft Edges to Prevent Neck Irritation to  from PET Film .

Extended Features:

• Lightweight.
• High Transparency PET Film.
• Anti-Glare/Anti-Fog/Anti-Scratch Coated PET Film. 
• Woven Elastic Strap Requires No Adjustment.
• Protects Full Face from Splashes.
• Designed to be Compatible with Glasses.

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